Min Guc worships with El o’lam (song originally owned and given to Min Uc Godswill)


I know you shot a person in the past when you where in fret (cult), but hey the love of God is more bigger than the guilt of death

I know you make livelihood by prostitution dear beautiful lady, but hey the love of God is much bigger than that fear you have that you won’t be accepted by Christ ever again

Dear aged woman and man, I know you have poisoned and diabolically kill your family members, but Jesus is still willing to carry you like his baby, just come his waits

Dear criminal I know you think your life is wasted and totally dependent evil, the GOOD NEWS is Jesus is still willing to father you

Their is no depth in sin Christ have not conquered for us, all he seeks from us is to recognize his the way, and come GENUINELY before his presence, deciding to drop your old ways and follow Christ till death.

The song Min Guc was singing is a sound of acknowledgement of the fullness of God, Never leaving our sides through our sins, evil, disobedient and wickedness. The song will help you too love on God so genuinely 🙌

Kindly download El olam by Uc Godswill ft Guc with the provided link below, drink from this sound so genuinely….. It’s a new start for you. Amen🙏👎



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