The Ministers Conference-Pastor Arome

Ministers conference-Apostle Arome

The third day of the ministers conference begins with an opening prayer from one of the ministers trained by pastor Arome.

Worship and praise session follows immediately.

Immediately after this, pastor Arome mounts the podium as he begins to unravel Gods word. In his opening prayer,  he prays that God removes every tendency for lasciviousness.

Ministers conference by Apostle Arome
Apostle Arome

o that the people of God may know what is priority in God`s Kingdom. He also prays that God strengthens us and enables us  to look unto Jesus who is the author and the finisher of our faith.

The Purpose of the After Life Explained in The Ministers Conference

 He starts off his teaching by reminding all that were present about the purpose of the conference. In his words: “meanwhile we spoke about the afterlife and people have challenged us saying, why is it that it is only negative things that will happen in the after life that you always talk about. Well, the reason for this is  because the idea of the conference is to warn us so that we can order our life in a certain way. We are looking at the negative things because the idea of the conference is bringing timely warning to earth”.

That’s why we are looking at the negative things in order for us to extract the the much needed warning.  It’s not as if I like negative things, he continued.

Explanation of Five Crowns 

Believers will receive five crowns. The crown of righteousness, the crown of boasting and others. There are things that you need to do in order to be able to receive these crowns. We have five wonderful possibilities and the requirements are adequately in the Bible.  Nothing  happens by accident in the kingdom of God, so this message will equip you with the knowledge you require to sail through your pilgrimage in this time with full assurance of the blessed home.


The Description of Outer Darkness

 Pastor also talks about  the “Outer darkness”, which he describes as a region beyond the bright glory of God that will  manifest in his appearing. The appearing here, is about the manifestation of the kingdom of  heavens. And that is when Jesus is going to set up his kingdom for 1000 years. And that is what the theologians  call the millennial reign.

People who defaults,In terms of loyalty, service, faithfulness, are those who will not be part of the people that Jesus will reign with. This is because they will be paying a price in the next dispensation and the price that they will be paying is not the ultimate price for denying Jesus.The ultimate price is the lake of fire and that’s for unbelievers.

In the course of his teaching, pastor recounts the question his wife asked him. He says, you know my wife was speaking to me when we were going home yesterday, she says what if  someone was a total believer and dies at Jesus’ feet, then another person a total unbeliever and this person gasping for life on his hospital bed receives Jesus before he dies, will he be saved? Is he not dissenting?

Well,   Yes, he is  save and he is not dissenting.


Ministers Conference-The Foolish and Wise Virgins

 Pastor also talked about the wise and foolish virgins as contained in the Bible book of Matthew 25. here, he gives a clear discrepancy between the body of Christ and the bride of Christ. The body talks about the whole believers while the bride is the believer who is  prepared for God himself. What this means is that not all the body of Christ is the bride of Christ.


The metaphor used here is the virgin bride. Five of them were wise and the other five were foolish. The foolish, took their lamps and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels, with their lamps. So the difference between the wise virgins and the foolish virgins was that the wise ones took oil not just in the lamps but in additional vessels. That’s just the basis of wisdom in this context and we are going to look at that very critically.

While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept and that is death. That sleep is the symbolizes death. So the wise virgins died with their way of wisdom, while the foolish virgins died with their way of foolishness.  The slumber and sleep in this scenario is what is obtainable in the afterlife.


Crux of the Ministers Conference-What is Obtainable in the After Life

 So the next thing  in his presentation is what is obtainable in the after life. We have the Divine life, satanic and human life. When you are born again, you have the divine life, the satanic life is a life of sin and the Divine life is what brings the consciousness of the things that are obtainable in the kingdom of God. What this entails is that we can be drawn to different kind of living. When we live for Christ, we experience Divine life, satanic life is drawn to sin while human life is a life of selfishness(this he described as the soul).


The second act we see is in the book of Genesis chapter 2, is that this Divine life is God’s spirit

The center of his consciousness was the soul. The soul is selfish and the only consciousness it has is the consciousness of self. So, If you are going to deny self, that means you  are accepting to forfeit your selfish desires and accept only the principles of God in your life.


Going back to the virgins,  These foolish virgins  have Christ in their spirit, but they have not allowed  Christ to rule over their soul. So even though they are born again, their priority was according to the wisdom that came from the self domain. We can see this in the lives of believers today. Some believers attend meetings because they are hoping that it will produce some form of self empowerment. This believer runs his life on the strength of that self principle all the days of his life.

How about the wise virgins? These set of virgins were wise because they were not content with just having oil in their lamp. A wise believer would come to a point where the principles of God that is deposited in his spirit becomes the real ruling principle over his life. In such a case, the personality that is projected is Christ. This is what happened at Antioch, thus they called all the believers little Christ because they have been influenced by the Divine life.


Benefits of Divine Life

  • You begin to live the life of God.
  • You will take your cross. The issue of cross is relative, that is what might constitute a cross to you may not be to me.
  • Preparation for any form of rejection.



I urge you dear ministers of God in this ministers conference and the entire body of Christ. Be strong to endure  what ever ill you think you are going through in the name of Christ.  God is not unrighteous to forget your labor of love. He prays and blesses everyone who were present in the meeting both online and offline.



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