How To Hear God Sharp and Clear Whenever You Pray By Evangelist Lawrence Oyor

Evangelist Lawrence oyor teaching how to hear from God

How to hear God sharp and clear whenever you pray is another mind-blowing message by Evangelist Lawrence Oyor. Evangelist Lawrence Oyor is a prophetic minstrel popularly known for his powerful songs and chants.

God wants us to hear his voice, listen and obey his instructions at all times. That’s the surest way to live above the problems of this world. My revival started on campus when Jesus thanked me for assembling 55 persons to pray in the spirit.

I do hear God’s voice. This is because the Bible says my sheep hears my voice and they follow me. The problem is not hearing, it is ability to discern God’s voice. Christian likens God’s voice to drama. We want a lot of Drama when it comes to hearing God’s voice. This is why we miss His voice often.

So many pastors hear God’s voice in very clear and simple manner but they will want to dramatize what they heard. We Christians like drama hence we ignore all the simple ways God speaks to us.

How To Hear God: Ways God Speaks To Us

We can hear God in diverse ways. He speaks to us in different manner. Some of the ways God speaks to us include the following:

  • God speaks to us through pictures

God’s primarily speaks to us through pictures. Your ability to discern is what helps you master the voice of God.

  •  God speaks to us through thoughts

You will make a lot of mistakes in this journey of hearing the voice of God but always check if what you have seen or thought about is in line with God’s word. God uses our thoughts to speak to us. we can hear God if we pay attention to our thoughts.

  • God speaks to us through unconventional things

One of the ways you know its God speaking is if it is unconventional.  it is different from others. If it is God who said it stop trying to defend it. Just go ahead and obey him. With time, you will see His manifestations in your life and endeavors.


As you are praying to God, desire to know God’s plan for your life. Let God touch your heart with his hands.

In your journey with God, you have to follow God step by step. God does not show you everything at once. He takes you one step at a time. That is why you need to obey him and take that first step. With time, the revelation becomes clearer.

Always write down what God has shown you or told you.





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