4 Mistakes Married Women Make By Pastor Mildred Kingsley

4 Mistakes Married women Make

4 mistakes married women make is another eye opening message for married women. Women who have decided to honor God in their marriages.


4 Mistakes Married Women Make

Married women make a lot of mistakes in their marriages. Some even tear their homes apart by themselves and turn around to blame the devil.

Here are 4 common mistakes married women makes

Mistake 1: Most Married women think that they are the project. I can’t really blame you for thinking this way. This is because men are literally chasers. A lot of women reminisce on how their men chased them during dating or courtship. How their men is always in their face, ensuring that they are comfortable. Some women get use to this pampering and in their head; they feel that is how the marriage is going to be forever. Hence, they get really furious when the former attention is no longer forthcoming after marriage.


Most women wonder why the sudden change. Well, not to worry, I will tell you. Most men are project driven. I know it sound funny but that’s the truth. Immediately you became a wife to your hubby, you ceased being a project. He relaxes himself for having accomplished this project and quickly moves to other projects.


The only way out of this predicament is to always be in your man’s face. How do I mean, you need to help him actualize his other projects.  Instead of complaining and nagging, help him achieve his other projects like getting a promotion at work, building a house etc. Be at home with the fact that you were just one of his project and never the PROJECT! He has achieved YOU, ticked that box and has moved onto other things in his life.


Mistake 2: Supporting the wrong decision. You should be the voice of reason in your home. Married women do this a lot under the guise of submission. You should tell your husband the truth even if it will hurt him. Should you join forces with your husband and kill while knowing fully well that killing is bad? Stop supporting wrong decisions.


Acts 5 vs 1. the story of Ananias is a clear example of women who supported her husband even when he is wrong. Your job is to support your husband when he is right and correct him with love, care and prayerfully when he is wrong. You don’t just gulp in everything because he is your husband. Whatever you are encouraging and enabling will one day fall back on you.

Mistake 3: The mistake of familiarity. This one right here , everyone is guilty of this one including myself. It is easy to fall into this because you are the only one who has and is still seeing your husband at his weak, sick and lowest points. Nigerians will call it see finish.  Then, you forget to honor him as your king.


The truth is that every man needs respect. As a woman, you shouldn’t forget this. If your man is a king, then he needs veneration or worship from you. You must not talk to him any how because you have seen all of him. Every man wants to be the king of his castle.  A lot of christian women respect their pastors more than they respect their husbands. You must learn to respect your husband just as you respect your pastor or even more because your husband is your head.

Esther 1-9. Queen Vashti disrespected her husband the king. that was what led to her banishment. if Vashti didn’t mess up, there will be no Esther. I know you might say that your husband is a child of God and cant replace you with another woman. Well, thank God for that. However, you might notice that theres a change of attitude towards you. You might find out  that he is no longer talking to you about sensitive things and other things. Please respect your husbands!

Mistake 4: Not taking care of ourselves. Married women are so guilty of this. This is actually in two dimensions, the first one is not taking care of your looks.  1 samuel 16.4. men look on the outward. Men move by what they see. Married women get married and relax.



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