Fanning Your Flame By Pastor Funke Adejumo

fanning your flame by rev funke adejumo


Fanning your Flame is another intriguing sermon from our beloved pastor, pastor Funke Adejumo.

Everybody has two kinds of life. The lived and the unlived life. A lot of people live one year for 70 times. I want you to get out of that club. No matter how good something is, it could be better. You need to fan your flame because no one will do that for you. It is your responsibility to fan your own flame.

Two Group of Women Fanning Their Flames

Whether born again or not, as a woman you belong to one of these groups. The Deborah or Jael group. However, some women combine the attributes of these two powerful women.  It is important to note that womanhood played a crucial role in preparation of the death and burial of Jesus. I have this feeling that womanhood will also play a vital role in preparing the body of Christ for the coming of Christ.

Today, women are now fulfilling purpose in their ministries, businesses and what have you. Getting married to the right individual will help you fulfill purpose.

I always tell the singles not to marry a man because of what he drives but what drives him. There is a specific assignment for women. Genesis 6 has a lot to say about this integral role. You see after  Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. Adam was quick to blame God but the woman when asked did not blame God or her husband, rather she blamed the arch enemy of the body of Christ which was the Devil in the form of  the serpent.

Originally salvation should be SPERM OF THE MAN AND HIS SEED but God removed man from the picture and Jesus had to come without the help of a mans sperm. This tell us that woman has a very vital role to play as regards to bringing God kingdom on earth.

Fan yourself to flame because you are important. Love yourself. Every women born faces at least eleven difficulties; cultural, historical,societal, too many barriers just to mention but a few. If you look around you today, you will find out that women are rising above this status quo and setting new standards in all fields of life.  It will be detrimental to any man or nation that downplays the importance of women and her ministry in this era.

As a woman, try to keep outstanding women in your space. The person in your space will determine how far you go. Mary, the mother of Jesus had Elizabeth in her space. This is important because at some time, you will be weary, delusional, tired, fed up with life etc and in this period, you need someone to help you fan your flame while you need someone in your life who can be able to take you to someone in You that you have not been able to harness all these years.

You need an Elizabeth or Deborah in your life to correct and scold you when you are wrong. This is because as you rise and climb the ladder of success, honest feedback diminishes. People love, fear and reverence you too much to tell you truth.

Treat people well. Do not drown the people that helped you swim. Jael has her own flame too. It wasn’t as much as that of Deborah but the interesting about her is that she did not imitate anyone. As a woman, you must have your own tent. If we subtract the MRS, from your life as a woman, whatever you have left is your true value. When ceasera came he asked for a water but she gave him milk in a lordly dish.

You too can be a woman of valour, a woman of substance just like Jael and Deborah today. Receive grace today!

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