I am too useful to be wasted by Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo



I am too useful to be wasted by Rev Funke Adejumo

I am too useful to be wasted by Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo is another thrilling message. Funke Ade is a transformational coach and president of the Funke Adejumo foundation. She is a female Enthusiast and Philanthropist who is concerned about women. This morning God has placed a message in my heart titled I am too useful to be wasted.

Sometimes we need to  remind ourselves of some things because of what we go through and because of what life throws at us. Here is a story of David, Goliath and the entire children of Israel.

Such that there was a gathering of people both the Israelite’s and the Philistines awaiting the outcome of the proposed battle. Let me chip in there will always be two kinds of gatherings the gathering for you or the gathering against you.  This is because when you get to the top, you become the topic. Elevated people will always be criticized by frustrated people. So, stop complaining when people talk about you or criticize you.

One thing very remarkable about David was his ability to stay put in his place of assignment. After he was anointed king of Israel, he quickly went back to the bush which was his place of primary assignment.

This is what happens to most believers. Immediately some believers experience upliftment, they abandon their place of primary assignment and feel that they have arrived, hence they should be served and not serve others. When David was sent to the battle field to send food to his brothers, he obeyed without any complaint and went. Believers should learn to obey their heads.

The size of your heart is greater than the size of your heart. When God wants to measure you, he measures your heart and not your hand. God was with David. If God is with you, it doesn’t matter who is against you.


David had to deal with three people to be useful.  Say to yourself. because I am too useful to be wasted, i will deal with these set of people just like David did.

  • Ex anointed professionals mentors. Example Saul.
  • Un-anointed professionals. Example Eliab.
  • Anti professionals. Example Goliath

Believers should take note of the following

  • Expired mentors
  • Jealous and competitive colleagues
  • Parasitic proteges

Know when to move away from people or mentors have stayed for long in your life. You should realize that just because someone has been in your life for a good number of years doesn’t mean that they are relevant to your life. Do away with relationships that are no longer serving your purpose.

Move away from jealous and competitive colleagues because they will always want to steal your spotlight and hurt you.

How about parasitic proteges? All they do is take from you. They give nothing and they are always sadden with excuses as to why they can not give. This is bad for your growth and development. You are too useful to be a waste. You need to audit your life at all times and prune those who are not helping you maximize your usefulness. Don’t let any body talk you out of your dream.

God is a rewarder. He rewards those who diligently serve him. When the devil or the devil comes knocking at your door, boldly declare to that situation, that devil, that challenge that you are too useful to be a waste! Do not allow situations to blackmail you. You are bigger than those problems.

I pray for you today. You are greater than your challenges ,difficulties and problems. Say to yourself, I am too useful to be a waste! Yes!  Sickness, cancer, accident, bad relationship, miscarriage, childlessness and what ever is bad is so trivial to waste you because you are too useful. Everyone shout a loud Amen!

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