How  I used to run from prayer meetings until  I read this book by Zacharias Tanee Fomum- pastor Lawrence Oyor

prayer magnet Evangelist Lawrence Oyor

How  I used to run from prayer meetings until  I read this book by Zacharias Tanee Fomum- pastor Lawrence Oyor is yet another inspiring and mind-blowing revelation from the popular music minister.

Throughout my life as a Christian, I have been opportune to have men and women who have the spirit of supplication upon them. It just seems like yesterday.  During my time in UI(University of Ibadan, Nigeria), preaching or teaching was not my thing. I didn’t care about the souls in UI.  You can not catch me praying that Jesus delivers or saves the lost. My kind of prayer was always gift sensitive. Lord give me this, lord give me that.

This particular day, I was sitting down in SCM secretariat. Brethren it was strange to me as I always hang out with my friend to chat, drink behind the secretariat. However, I always hear the voice of this guy-Tolu who is always praying and crying that God delivers the campus. I’m always surprised at Tolu’s outburst. Why will someone carry himself to the back of the campus to go and cry while others are busy enjoying themselves?

I am the kind of person who runs from prayer. I’m talking about as far back as 2011. I even asked someone sometime if we have to pray every day. Could you believe I actually asked that foolish question? I run away from prayer. Brethren, whenever the spirit of God does not energize you, prayer becomes a struggle. The only prayer believers pray now is for themselves, isn’t it?  Once it is to kill someone, pray for husband, wife, cars and other luxuries, our voices become very high.  It is very hard to find an average Christian interceding vehemently on a matter that does not concern him or her or relates to his or her welfare. So, anytime you find a believer doing that and the person is crying, wailing and even shouting while praying, you have found a Christian.

So, my desire for that level of prayer increased. I asked God to make me feel the pain that he feels for the world. Then God began to bring to pass but I ran away still. A brother confirmed it by saying that God told him that he has laid the burden of UI upon me. In fact, I am one of those that will be interceding for UI. I agreed and asked him some necessary details pertaining the prayer session he said he holds every Saturday. My reason though wasn’t to attend but to know the exact time to switch off my phone and the exact place to avoid on Saturday.

Before 2011, my experiences were normal. No encounter, no miracles, nothing.  I was the kind of person who can go through a whole year without one soul for God. The summary of the whole matter was that I was good for nothing. I had everything I needed to bear fruit, but I was not bearing fruit.


I am going to tell you what happened to me in the year 2011. In 2011, God sent me a book by Zecharias Tanee Fomum. Some of you may not know him because he is late now. That’s the man God used to change my life. I read only the first line of that book and I shouted. The first line reads nothing happens until somebody prays and I shouted. Prior to the launch of the book, history has it that Zecharias Tanee fasted and prayed everyday for two good months. Little wonder, the book changed my perspective towards prayer and my life for good. I learnt something from that book that blessed day. It is that if something does not change in my spiritual life, nothing changes in my physical life. This isn’t a curse but just a statement of fact.

After the encounter, I began to desire to pray but there was no enabling environment. You will struggle until the spirit of prayer rests upon you. In fact, it is called the spirit of grace and supplication. if you will see yourself become what God has promised you, then you must be ready to pray yourself out. How you know the spirit of prayer is that you begin to mourn, you become angry over things you used to be comfortable with before now.

I finally embarked on one month of prayer, seeking Gods face and asking his will concerning me and the rest is history. I started receiving songs, too many songs that I lost count. So, the prophecy that God gave me through his servant wouldn’t have come to pass if I didn’t do my part which was engage in meaningful prayer. You need to grow from being a prayer leader to being a prayer warrior.


December, 2011 I was in a meeting where the man of God conducting the prayer section said that we will not stop praying until the sun is up and hot. This was around 11pm. So, we need to pray from 11pm to 12pm the next day because that’s when the sun will be up and hot.  I wondered within me how that was even possible. I resigned to fate. If I perish, I perish. This man gave only one prayer point. No song, no leading, no kneeling, just stand and pray. It was after that meeting that I saw the power and manifestation in my life strongly. Diverse miracles happened during altar calls in my ministrations. A girl deaf and dumb began to hear and speak. I thank God for that day and my life have never remained the same.

May God give you an encounter that will change your life forever. Amen.

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