Five Important Factors in Life and Marriage by pastor Funke Adejumo

Five important factors for life and marriage

Five Important Factors in Life and Marriage by pastor Funke Adejumo is another wonderful teaching that you don’t want to miss. Read on!

Today, I will like to share with you the five important factors in life and marriage. i have gathered these factors as I walk with God and the privilege of doing marriage with my spouse for about 38 years and still counting.  I want to talk to you about issues that pertain to life and godliness. So I’m speaking to you right now via the anointing and my experiences and I need you to listen very attentively.

Marriage is about destiny. There are five major factors in life and marriage that are very important in the life of anyone. If you fail in these, you are truly a colossal failure and if you succeed in them, you are a massive success.  A lot of persons do not understand these things. So, they go into marriage and they get the rudest shock of their lives.

Five Important Factors in Life and Marriage

There are five important factors that every single or married person should be conversant with. They are:

1. God:

God did not create a world in which he will not be needed. Your relationship with God must be cultivated and dynamic. Strategic relationship with God is learned and not hereditary. you have to cultivate it.

2. Yourself:

You are the most important person in your life. Every other relationship is secondary. If you are hurt, you will hurt others.  Are  you incomplete, you will not make a complete marriage. Don’t you like or love yourself, well you will transfer the aggression to whomever that makes the mistake of marrying you. Self care is very important. It is essential that you properly take care of yourself as a single or married person.

3. Your family or marriage:

who you marry can either make your life a living hell or an everlasting joy to behold.

4. Your career:

this is what you do. You are a lawyer, be a lawyer. You must find pleasure and fulfillment in the works of your hands. It is important to be committed in whatever you do.

5. Relationships:

your net work is your net worth. Who you are connected to and with will determine your net worth or value.

A cognizant look at the above arrangement will show that the family is in the middle. This presupposes that it is the most important item on the list above. It is not good that the man should be alone. Genesis 2:18 So God believes that marriage or family life should enhance your destiny. Marriage is many things to many people.

To some, it is a necessary evil. To others, it is just an organized forum for child bearing and rearing. For some others, it is a contract. Some men need someone that can do house chores, keep the house clean and satisfy their sexual desires. Then, they pay a stipend at the end of the month to the person. It is more than all that.

Marriage as an important factor in your life

Marriage is a covenant relationship. Genesis 15, 16, 17 explains what a covenant is all about. According to the book of Genesis, when people want to cut a covenant, they pick a date, a place, animals and witnesses are involved. While in the chosen venue, they exchange vows. You can agree with me that the same thing happen at the altar during wedding except for the killing of an animal. And that is because; Jesus has paid the ultimate price.

A lot of people do not take their marriage vows serious because they do not understand that marriage is a covenant. It is a serious thing my brethren! Haven’t you noticed that when the father of the bride brings her to the altar, he hands over the bride to the minister in charge and not the groom? This is prophetic. Here the father is handing his daughter to God through the minister while asking God to hand him over to any man that he pleases.

Difference Between Marriage and Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony is a one day or weekend affair. However, marriage is a life time event. A lot of people spend time preparing for the one day event but disregard the life time event.

I want to talk to a peculiar set of people: the widows and widowers. Please do not kill yourself with tears. Do not think that you are the chiefest of sinners. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. God has a way of repackaging and redeeming the time for you. If you feel like remarrying, by all means do. It is biblical. How about the divorcees? I know life has thrown a major challenge at you. But do not relent, pick up the tiny pieces left and continue your journey.

May our heavenly help you to understand these words. Amen.

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