Who not to Marry by Pastor Funke Adejumo

who not to marry by pastor funke Adejumo

Who not to marry by Pastor Funke Adejumo is an inspiring session. so my single beloved, sit tight and read up.

There are four major winning formulas every single person who wants to succeed in marriage must take note of. your success or failure in marriage is tied to these formulas. Do you want to win? Then, you must keep them in mind. These formulas include the following:

1. Marry from your Tribe

Genesis 24 explains this. Please read if you can. Your tribe here denotes people of the same faith. You can not be a born again child of God and be dating a Muslim and tell me you are going to convert him. That must be a terrible joke because that is an exercise in futility. You are not the Holy Spirit. Marriage does not change people. It amplifies who people really are. It’s just like money.

Money is not good or bad. It only takes up the character of the owner. If you are a bad person who has money, you will be baddest! If you are a kind person with money, you are going to be a very kind person. People hardly change. It is what is in their inside that marriage amplifies. While you are still friends with your potential spouse, it is important that you settle religious matters. This is because religion plays a crucial role in marriage. This man is a Christian but he doesn’t believe in tithing. You will have a problem in that marriage because he is not from your tribe. Read more here 4 Excellent Ways In Choosing Who To Marry

Don’t push anything under the carpet in the name of: let’s get married. Love is blind but trust marriage is the eye opener. Close one eye in prayer and open the other one in watch. Nothing is wrong with the other tribes but it is important you choose your tribe to avoid problems. Just like Israel is one nation but different tribes that is how it is in Christendom. We are serving one God and going to heaven. However, we are categorized with different doctrines and this makes us different.

Hence, it is paramount for a wise Christian to choose a tribe that shares the same doctrine and dogma. This is why I think that the cross has four angles. Come with or without makeup, come with or without scarf. Anyhow you want to, just come to the cross. You must settle this so that little matters do not become a huge issue. There will be issues you don’t need to deal with if you marry from your tribe.

2. Do not Marry a Lone Ranger

People cry in the palace too. The rich also cry. It is not all that glitters that is gold. Do not marry someone that says he fears no one. He is a danger on two legs. If there’s nobody that you are accountable to, you are prone to accidents. Your wife must have someone that he can report you to. Any car that does not have a break system is prone to accidents. Do not tell me that you are humble until you can greet, and do what you used to do even with power, position and money. There are people that if God makes the mistake of lifting them, he will lose them. Marriage is good based on the cutlery you use for it.


3. Do not Marry a Lazy Person

Laziness can be physical, spiritual,emotional and mental. Do not marry someone that cannot think. He can pray but can’t think. Your brain is not only for wig but to think. Let me narrate a story to you.

You see when I met my husband, I was not a graduate. He was in school at that time. I had to call myself to order. I told myself that I need to enroll for further studies because a time will come when I won’t fit him any longer if I remain at that level. So, I went back to school after four children and I still led the class. This was after my husband told me not to die under his shadow.

I want a situation where people will get excited when they hear that you will be preaching. 2 am, I’m still studying. I told God I don’t want to die as a woman but an institution. Marriage should not be the end of you. Some women get married and their love for God dies. They blame their children. That is laziness. Some of you, the giants on your inside are still sleeping. Wake up!


Think! Let me shock you, nobody becomes wealthy by salary. They become wealthy by multiple streams of income. Invest! Anytime you ask God for more, he asks you for structure. Some of you are driving as cars the houses you would have built. The Bible says a righteous man leaves inheritance for his children. As a single person, you need to start preparing for your kids before they come.


4. Marry your friend

There’s a particular phase in your marriage that only friendship can sustain. This phase is called the gracious stage. Who is a friend? A friend is someone that can tell you the truth that you hate to hear.  Someone that knows where you stink yet is faithful.  A person who is there when he has every reason not to. One you can lean on, and that can confront you is your friend.

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It doesn’t matter people who are not enjoying marriage around you, marriage is sweet and beautiful. And if you  are of age for marriage but not yet married, I decree that you receive your own husband today !  Amen.

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