Why Singles Don’t Marry Early by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

why singles don't marry early

Why singles don’t marry early by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is another  eye-opening message.

A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed  is as rottenness in his bones. Proverbs 12:4 

Women’s strength is in attraction not aggression. There’s a favor that comes with marrying a virtuous woman.  Singles you need to understand that marriage is not designed to make you happy. It is designed to make you better, when you are better, you can now be happy.

Why Singles Do not Marry Early

There are numerous reasons why singles do not marry early. Here are a few of them:

1. Too much expectation

One of the reasons why singles don’t marry early is due to too much expectations. Expectations make a lot of difference. Do not expect your spouse to always make you happy. There will good and bad days, happy and sad days. Your ability to handle these days as they come makes for a successful marriage experience. If you want to marry early, then you must do away with your unrealistic expectations.

2.  Waiting for the right spec

This is also one of the reasons why singles don’t marry early. A lot of ladies have done themselves that they cant marry a black person, or a short person. While it is not bad to go for what you want, you must be able to discern when to let go of waiting especially when you have seen a man of noble character. Guys are not left out too. They want to marry a tall beautiful without considering the inner beauty which is what will either make or mar the marriage.

3.  Living in the past

Some singles have delay in marriage because of the hurt and bitterness they have refused to drop. Sweetheart, all men are not the same. Not every girl is a gold digger. You have to forgive and let go so you can enjoy your present relationship.

4. Allowing feelings to becloud your judgment

This is a very important reason why singles do not marry on time. Loving someone who doesn’t love, and hoping that they will come around some day is the worst thing anybody can do. If a lady doesn’t want you, then move on with your life. If a man is nit giving you the attention that you truly deserve then, end things while you can and move ahead. It is important you do the right thing now cause at the end you will find out that you just wasted your time and denied other suitors getting to know you.

5. Performing wifely duties for a man who has not married you

This is one reason why single ladies don’t marry early. How can live, cook, clean and have sex with a man who has not married you. You are performing all the wifely duties so he wont be bordered about coming to do the needful.

I have seen a scenario where the guy is well to do but refused coming to see the ladies people. His reason is simple: he is already married.

Young ladies should learn to respect themselves and carry themselves with grace. You can’t request for respect, if you don’t respect yourself.

6. Tasting different girls

This is specifically for our brothers. It is one of the reasons men don’t marry early. You will hear stuffs like: marriage ties one down, allow me to enjoy myself, I still have time and more. However, I need you to understand that If you taste one girl and she is not sweet, you will move to another girl. That’s how you will end up as professional taster. In time past, people get married without going on dates, performing wifely duties and so on and their marriages lasted.

However, today singles want to have sex in order to check if their potential spouse can be pregnant. They do all sorts of things in the name of getting to know someone, yet we have a greater percentage of divorce than it was in the days of our fore fathers. Who has bewitched us!

Our world is full of good and bad people. May God help us to choose wisely as we abide by his precepts. Amen!

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