Joshua Selman reveals why firstborns are always under attack

joshua selman reveals why firstborns are always under attack

Joshua Selman reveals why firstborns are always under attack is a liberating message from one of the renowned preachers in our world today.

This message is very important for all the firstborns out there. The devil lurks around you only to steal, kill and destroy. I have seen many demons in my life time. If you see any man excelling in spite of Satan, then there is something keeping him.  Thousands of years have passed but the devil is still fighting. This is an eye opener to the type of demon you are dealing with. One would think, he must have given up by now but no way! He’s still fighting. Satan is as determined today as he was when he left heaven.  If you think that oppressing you for 30 years will make Satan leave you for good, think again!

If there’s anything to learn from Satan is determination. A man who was thrown down from heaven some millions of years ago yet, he has vowed never to give up. Can I tell you, you were born into this wicked world governed by Satan? Hence, you need to find the rules of engagement otherwise you will remain a casualty for life.

Imagine a little teen being slapped by a demon in his stream. When he was brought to me, I found out that his dad was also slapped in the dream around that age. That was an indication of a future battle. You need the anointing to fulfill your god given purpose on earth.

Some of you have allowed the devil to lie to you. Let me tell you, when the devil wants to destroy a family, his firstborn target is the most spiritual person in the family. The devil will afflict you with sickness, afflictions just to frustrate you. Someone pray in the holy ghost for some minutes!

Listen to me Africa! If you are a firstborn, breadwinner, then you must listen to me. The devil attacks! However, there’s always a protocol to his attack. There’s so much ignorance in the body of Christ. Not just the firstborn but the first to go to school, or do any tangible thing in life. Go and read the scripture on the laws of firstborns.  Do you know why? It is because the first of anything is the seed and the pattern. The first to break out of poverty will encounter a lot of challenges because if they break out, others will follow suit.

One of the ways through the devil moves is the power of patterns. Patterns are repetitive occurrences that happen in a person’s life.  Take for instance, your grandmother, mother, sisters were raped. That is a pointer that you too will be a victim of rape if you don’t rise up and take charge of your life. Patterns are sponsored by altars. Let me tell you what you don’t know.  Even if the initiator of these patterns is long dead, the patterns keep going from one generation to another because the altars keep speaking. That’s why individuals, families, regions nations and so on go through patterns. You don’t need a man of God, you are a disciple of Christ. Take charge of your life and see your life change for the best.

The devil is not a friend of anyone. You have to learn from his rebellion and unbending. So, when Satan comes to your dwelling as a friend, be careful not to oblige him.

Why do Firstborns  need the anointing?

We need the anointing in order to empower the believer to subdue the forces of darkness. Also, to help us fight against our destinies and the advancement of the kingdom of God.

We need the anointing so we can tap into the dimension of supernatural possibilities, results that are beyond the realm and the scope of humans. Think about Daniel. Do you think he was able to secure a seat in Babylon because he can speak good English? Of course not!  He was in great communion with his maker. Daniel remained relevant throughout the dispensation of four kings.

It is good to follow laws. However, following only natural laws and not backing it out with God can be very detrimental.

lift up your voice in prayer right now to your maker! Speak over your life and family. 2023 is your year and you must excel. Amen!




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