One Key To Having a Successful Marriage by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

one key to successful marriage by pastor kingsley okonkwo

One key to having a successful marriage by kingsley okonkwo reveals a lot of advice for the married and potential husband and wife..

God asks men to treat their women right so that their prayers will not be hindered. A woman’s biggest need is love but that’s a man’s biggest problem. Love is not a man’s primary need. His biggest need is respect. When a woman shows love to a man and the man doesn’t reciprocate it, it hurts the woman. The woman then reacts by disrespecting the man.  When a man starts doing all those unloving things, please continue respecting him. Do not be rude to him.

The reason why marriages are failing is because women have high jacked the Bible doctrine. They believe in the notion that love is enough. Once they two love each other, their marriage will be successful. That is not what the Bible says. The Bible says that a woman’s duty is to respect the man while the man’s duty is to love. For example a man finishes eating and a woman packs the dishes, the man sees it as respect. For a woman, she sees it as love. It is the same action, but different perspectives for the opposite sex.

What Women Should Know About A Successful Marriage

Nagging or insulting a man in the area where they are not doing very will not make them improve but run. Respecting him will help him improve. Truly, very few men are good at marriage without coaching.

A woman doesn’t ask hypothetical questions. Women personalize their questions whether it concerns them or not.

Women are not good at postponing something. On the other hand, men can postpone a particular discussion till next year. This is so because women are emotional beings. Respect and submission are the biggest challenges for women but the biggest need for men. Love is the biggest challenge for men. Love is things like loyalty and sacrifice.

Men need recreational companionship. Women don’t like to talk. Men like to talk. Join your husband’s when his team is playing any match. Know his hobbies, foods, his likes and dislikes.

You see why so many people cannot make it in marriage, character is  absent. Marriage will taste your character. You will bear children and then you will learn about sacrifice. This is important because an average person is very selfish.

What Men Should Know About A Successful Marriage

Men being head of home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your wife with the home chores. It is a position to serve your wife and family. If you can, please cook and wash for her, it doesn’t remove anything from you. Some men will refuse getting a help for their wives, yet they will not help. That is wickedness, please stop!

The gift of details comes with a little bit of pettiness.  A woman is so detailed that she can’t overlook a lot of things. For a example, if a room is scattered, the woman cannot sleep but a man can sleep in a corner in that room.

The Bible says you should be quick to hear but slow to speak. Some people are both quick to hear and to talk. There is no level of discipline or control whatsoever.  The you don”t cultivate now, you cant portray in marriage.

The life you live now will not change because you are married. If you already having sex in that relationship, please have a talk and stop that. There are too many in godly singles trying to build godly marriage. Truth is, it doesn’t work that way.


It may not be easy doing the right thing but since it is the right thing, you need to do it. Marriage is not built on feelings. Having a successful marriage and home requires hardwork, patience, tolerance and sacrifice. Developing these virtues before marriage is one of the best ways of having a successful home.

I want to pray with you now. Ask God for grace right now. the enablement to live according to the precepts of the word of God. Ability to love your wife as God wills. Pray and ask God to help you control your  emotions as a wife.  Your prayer is answered in Jesus name! Amen.

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