Your Spiritual life will grow greatly if you avoid this – Apostle Arome Osayi

Your spiritual life will grow greatly if you avoid this by Apostle Arome osayi is a sermon you do not want to miss if your spiritual development is of necessity to you. Many people want to grow spiritually but the question is, how many are willing to pay the price to be as spiritual as they ought to.

Your spiritual growth is your personal responsibility as a child of God. If you don’t take that responsibility, then you will have a stunted growth.

How Can My Spiritual Life Grow

It is very important that you must take note of the following if you want your spiritual life to grow and blossom.

Be wary of your love for money

If you are using the principles of Jezebel, the presence of Jezebel will soon be in the center of your activity. At a point, your life will be driven by mammon. Mammon can manifest as a creature who demands worship from you as a human being if you are not careful. It can derail a pastor, minister no matter who you are. It can daunt your relationship with God and destroy your spiritual growth.


Be ready for prayer

Our ancestors found God on the premise of prayer. They had personal encounter with God. They did not encounter God through seminars but prayer. We have lost it! They experienced firsthand fellowship with God on the mountain top just like Isaiah the prophet in the time of old. You need to seek the face of God. The only man that you should follow is a man that follows Christ as his unique goal. He’s desperate and the only example he looks upon, breathes and lives is Jesus. That’s the kind of man you need. Prayer will make you closer to God and build your spiritual life.


Be wary of who you follow

The spirit of who you follow rests upon you. Be careful. Acts  12 says people prayed. The philosophy drawn from witchcraft has become our daily principles. There’s no longer genuine hunger for God and his things. How then can we grow spiritually if we don’t follow those who love God genuinely.

I have seen things. I have likewise experienced firsthand resistance from the so called men of God. The people who are supposed to fight together as a team are now the ones working against each other. These are not the products of Jesus.

He who has an ear should hear what God is saying to the churches. This is important because they will understand the direction of God’s hand.  You might be prospering but is the work of God moving ahead in your world. If not, then you need to brace up yourself. What happened to our Christianity as a people? Our Christianity today is about managing, marketing and customer care service. What happened to the power of prayer? We need to rise beyond the power of standard and go for something more.

If you can feel what I’m feeling, I need you to pray with all seriousness. Ask God to help you to be the one who will stand in n the gap for your family, and nation at large. Ask him to help you build and grow your spiritual life.

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