Moses Bliss Opens a record label

Moses Bliss opens a record label

Moses Bliss opens a record label and signs 4 Music Artists Including Grace Lokwa.
Nigerian gospel artist “Moses Bliss” has officially launched his music company, “Spotlite Records,” by signing four musicians to his roster. These performers are Chizie, Festizie, Doris Joseph, and online star Grace Lokwa. I know you cannot forget Grace Lokwa so soon.

Grace Lokwa is the musician who went viral for his song Kumama. Fortunately, netizens agrees that Grace Lokwa deserves the spot. Well, this is because he is good in his craft.

Moses Bliss presented the record company and the artists that has been signed with it during a press conference that was hosted at the luxurious Transcorp Hilton in Abuja. Tunde Praise and Evidence Samuel were one of the other executives from the label that were present at the meeting,

Mission of the Record Label

According to Bliss, the mission of this record company is to disseminate the good news of Jesus Christ. This will be done via the medium of music. “We are in a position to see that we exalt the name of Jesus everywhere and establish his rule on earth.

This is a privilege that has been granted to us. We are aware that individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and locations can connect with one another via music. Therefore, we are putting this fundamental understanding to use in order to create content that will inspire, entertain, and educate everyone. He continued.

Following the revealing of the identities to the public, the artists expresses gratitude to the preacher Moses Bliss. They are grateful for providing them with the opportunity to serve the church and the larger community.
It will be okay to say that the moment has come for the Body of Christ to take pleasure in the wonderful music. More so, the songs and noises that will emanating from the depths of Spotlite Nation.

They are now carrying a massive burden, and our prayer is that the Lord would help them. This move of theirs will instill people with faith, confidence, healing, and restoration. It will also deliver people from oppression and  bondage.



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