Power of Silence By Apostle Joshua Selman

power of silence by Apostle Joshua Selman

Power of silence is another enlightening message by Apostle Joshua Selman. If you love your friends, family, acquaintance, and so on, then  you must share this message with them.

Silence is a habit you must cultivate.  You must learn to remain silent in the face of adversities. If you read through this message on silence, something will happen to you.  Learn to keep secrets until the time is due and the atmosphere is right to speak it. You don’t have to say everything happening in your life at the moment. You must first and foremost wait until there is a due season. All  information is not for everybody.

Moreover, I say this for many of us who have strong family ties. If you hit your leg, even your uncle in the village must know that you hit your leg. You have headache and your extended family even your third cousins will know that you have a headache. That’s too bad!  That kind of life will land you in misery. You have to set a watch over your mouth. It is very important. Otherwise, it will land you into trouble. The Bible says a word spoken in due season, how good it is. God is doing something in your house but you go about telling people otherwise.

How Do I Know I have the Power Of Silence

You will know that you have mastery over your tongue if you do the following:

Maximize the power of silence

Be an intelligent christian. There are certain people you are not supposed to share your past with. Don’t worry, I will tell you why. If you share your past with the wrong people, they will mock you with it when the relationship goes south. Some will even go as far as spreading rumors about you just to tarnish your image. They will even tell you to your face that they will disgrace you. You need nobody to tell you that those kinds of people are not worth keeping close.

Stop keeping any association that is out to destroy you

In ancient times, when they want a king to reveal his secrets, they will find a beautiful lady. This lady will seduce the king and give him lots of wine until he becomes intoxicated.  She will lure him to bed and thereafter begin to ask him all kinds of questions. At this stage, the king is vulnerable and will disclose all kinds of information to the strange woman. This in turn will lead to the downfall of the king. Remember the case of Delilah and Sampson.

Let secrets remain as they are

As long as Sampson kept that secret, the Israelite remained unbeaten by the Egyptians. Dear men of God, you need to be careful when handling women. Be careful with women. You have a prophetic word for almost every woman that crosses your path. You have a problem sir!  I pray that you don’t wake up one day like Sampson. Be wise!

You just meet someone and you are talking about how much you got your phone, hair and so on. The days are evil my friend. People are evil.  Laughter isn’t friendship. Bridle your tongue.

Some ladies go ahead to tell their supposed friends that they are engaged to be married. Not long after that. The potential spouse calls to annul the process. It’s not all news you broadcast. You may be surprised that the person you call your friend is the one killing you.

Beware of those you call friends

It’s amazing how people get you into trouble and afterwards call others to laugh at you instead of helping you out. Friends give you foolish advice, then turn around to blame you for executing the same advice they gave you. You need wisdom to live in this life. Genuine people are scarce. Know this! I’m not asking you to be suspicious of everyone around you. No! I’m just saying you need to know the kind of information that you can disclose to the public. When words leave you, you can’t buy them back. They are gone. Sometimes, they produce disaster than you planned for.

Gain mastery over your tongue

Psalm 39 vs 1

I said, “I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will put a muzzle on my mouth as long as the wicked are in my presence.”

Many of us, the devil in our lives is our tongue. Be wise in this wicked world. Assassins come to the house and rob the house, it’s not by mistake. They came because of the information they got.

The only thing you can send into your future is your prayer.  It can go and wait for you.  Not your mouth! Your prayer can become your protocol. It waits for you at the gate of your tomorrow. It checks that tomorrow is ready for you. Also, if it finds anything in your tomorrow that can sabotage the name of God in your life, it takes it away completely.

Lift up your voice and make a prayer for you right now! Ask God to help you bridle your tongue. May the lord answer you in Jesus name! Amen!



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