The 7 Things That Matter The Most In Life by Funke Felix Adejumo

7 most important that matter in life

The 7 Things That Matter The Most In Life by Funke Felix Adejumo is a message you won’t want to miss out on. This message will expose you to scriptural truths about yourself. I’m very sure, you will begin to see yourself in a different light after reading this message.

1. The right to life is a luxury, not a fundamental human entitlement

You should understand that life is a temporary gift from God to us. It is not human right. No one knows the last day they will be on earth.

When I go to drop off my children at school, I always run into this crazy woman. She seems to be following me. We ended up staying in Ondo for a total of 33 years. This woman’s mental state stayed unchanged over those 33 years. Consider the fact that you are still alive a blessing and look at life in that light.

2. The reality is that life is a loan, not a gift

You will one day stand before the one who created you and give an account of your life. I want to stress to everyone how important it is to tread lightly. Value those around you. Be kind and always extrude goodness where ever you go.

3. God has entrusted us with this precious gift of life

God placed his faith in us and allowed us to take up residence on this planet earth. And as such, we must maximize this privilege.

4. God did not create a universe in which his presence will not be required at some point in the future

Building a personal relationship with God should be a priority for you. This is not a discussion about religion; rather, it is about coming to a personal understanding of God on your own. Be a thankful person. Always remember to praise God. God is the reason why you did not lose everything, even if you may have misplaced certain things. Make God a priority in your life so that he may make you a priority in his. He is God all by himself. You are the one who needs help not him. Do not let yourself get so psychedelic that you are unable to worship God. Do not let the successes you have achieved in life cause you to forget or refuse to acknowledge God.

5. You are significant

Do not let somebody define you based on the mistake you’ve made. You did not fail. It is not a failure; rather, it is input on how to improve. The fact that you are putting in effort is demonstrated by the fact that you are making blunders. Do not give up on your efforts in any way. Have faith in yourself and enjoy celebrating your uniqueness. Have some fun every once in a while! It does not have to be your birthday in order for it to count. Do something kind for yourself.

6. Family

If you don’t want to get married but are already married as a guy, you should show your wife a lot of respect and take extremely excellent care of her. It is a really bad idea for a married individual to sleep around with other people. It is inappropriate for you to be full of criticism while you are at home but full of praise when you are at work. You have a hard time showing appreciation to your wife, yet you are quick to become angry with her for the little infractions she does. If your children have difficulty and a negative expression whenever you enter the house, you need to address this situation as soon as possible.

This is due to the fact that those youngsters will mature into adults who despise and loathe you. They will never forget how you treated them when they were children, especially if it was bad.

Your family is of utmost significance. Honor your family by providing for your wife and children. Always be available to your children. Do not allow your wife to be the sole one who raises, educates, and disciplines your child as well as drives them to and from school. Keep in mind that the child you care for and nurture now will one day care for and nurture you. Please, Father, jot down some words for your three beautiful daughters. Fathers in the 21st century are expected to take an active role in the upbringing of their children.

7. Work

Those days are long gone when only males were required to labor in order to put food on the table. Foster your interpersonal connections. Engage in cordial conversation with others. It is not so much a question of one’s religious affiliation as it is one’s moral standing in life. Be patient with other people. Foster relationships that can benefit you financially. Engage in purposeful interaction with others around you.


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