What It Takes To Have A Healthy Relationship by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

What it takes to have a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is possible. What it takes to have a healthy relationship by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is a fact filled sermon on how best you can make your relationship and make the most out of it.

You should have the peace of mind to know that when you pick a wife or a husband, you are not only choosing a partner for yourself, but also a mother or father, as the case may be, for the children that you will have together. Having this in mind, you need to exercise extreme caution.

Why You Need To Ascertain If Your Relationship is Healthy or Not Before You Commit To Marriage

If you make a mistake and buy the incorrect automobile, you can easily make a change or, even better, buy another vehicle. If your work is causing you a lot of stress, you may also decide to leave it. On the other hand, if you marry a criminal, whether it be a man or a woman, you will spend the rest of your life behind bars. There is really no way to escape. Because of this, you should proceed with extreme caution when choosing who to marry. Marriage is a life long commitment. God does not want you to make a mistake in choosing a good spouse. Do not rush. Learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship before going into marriage.

Love serves as the essential building block for each healthy connection. You need to have a grasp on the fact that love may be both a sensation and a commitment at the same time. In the past, a great number of people have inquired of me regarding the possibility of loving more than one someone. The correct response to that question is that it is not love. That is nothing more than an allure. It’s possible that you’re attracted to more than thirteen different ladies. Yet, you should be aware that this does not constitute love. Love entails making a commitment.

You need to be aware of and comprehend the concept that love should go both ways. Because the road to marriage is so lengthy, you don’t want to keep dragging someone else along with you if you can help it. It’s OK to adore your possible spouse, but you should ask yourself if they feel the same way about you.

Forms of Love For Healthy Relationships

When we talk about love, there are three different kinds of it.


Eros is passion. This is what people mean when they talk about how their partner arouses or heightens their sexual urge. As far as Eros is concerned, love is nothing more than a vehicle for sexual fulfillment. It cannot be relied upon. Eros is the force that drives the world forward. That is what aids in the process of procreation.


Philio’s marriage remains strong throughout time. It’s all about the bond of friendship and the affection between brothers or friends. When choosing a partner, it is very important you pick someone that you can have a good conversation with. Everything isn’t about sex. Yes, sex is important but trust me dearies, it is the least act you will perform in marriage. This is especially as the marriages advances and grows further. i’m telling you from experience.

3. Agape

Agape represents a love that is directed toward God. As the challenges of life arise, a person’s spiritual foundation will be the determining factor in how they respond to those challenges.
It’s possible that someone may say to the pastor, “But there’s nowhere in the Bible that states you shouldn’t drink.” In addition, there is no passage in the Bible that expressly forbids the use of cocaine. The question is, therefore, why aren’t you taking it as well? You can’t have a healthy relationship outside God.

Tips To Have A Healthy Relationship

Marry a Godly Person

You know, there are moments when we try to make the Bible fit our own agenda. Since God feels there are things that you shouldn’t be involved with when you have correct knowledge and fellowship with him, some things aren’t mentioned in the Bible. This is why the Bible doesn’t state certain things.

It is critical that you wed a person who believes in God since the trials and tribulations of everyday life have a way of revealing a person’s true character.
Someone who is unable to function as your friend is ineligible to marry you. Make an effort to cultivate a friendship with the person(s) you find attractive.

Because of this, engaging in sexual misconduct will prevent you from properly appreciating the meaning of friendship. When you’ve already had a lot of sexual experiences before you get married, there’s nothing in particular that you’re looking forward to. It is safe to infer that the moon had completed with its cycle before the honeymoon began. Get hitched to a Christian.

Get Married To Your Best Pal

When choosing a marriage, the physical appeal of a potential partner is crucial, but it should not be the primary factor in your decision. The younger generation currently views it as a priority, despite the fact that it is not. Read the Bible and you’ll find that beauty is something to admire, but it won’t last.

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