Reverend Dinna Osayi Celebrates Her Birth

Reverend Dinna Osayi Celebrates Her Birth

Reverend Dinna Osayi is the wife of the Apostolic Leader Arome Osayi. She serves as a Minister in the Remnant Christian Assembly. She helped establish the Nigeria-wide ministry. Information on Rev. Dinna Osayi’s family, career, and other interests is provided in this article.

Reverend Dinna Osayi found true love with the Reverend Arome Osayi. On October 18th, 2008, they tied the knot. Joshua and Esther are the couple’s two children.


Reverend Dinna Osayi celebrates Birth


Through the grace of God, Apostle Arome is recognized for preaching of the gospel and revival, has been blessing lives.

He had sought something completely different before God commanded him. However, he obeyed God’s call and his life has demonstrated that he has never regretted it.

Dinna Osayi Relates Her Personal Experience

She relates a tale of how Jesus answered their prayers and saved the life of a woman who was there at the time. My spouse has instructed us in a variety of spiritual matters, and we had no choice but to pay careful attention to what he had to say. Before my husband was relocated to Lagos in order to fulfill the requirements of his job, he fulfilled his ministerial duties as well as family obligations for about two years.

Prior to the move, while he was still with us, we made the most of each and every minute we had with him. He prayed, taught, and he helped us develop our relationship with God. We enjoyed having him around up until the day when he was moved to a different location.

As my husband was relocated to Lagos, a number of those who previously attended our ministry quit doing so since Apostle was no longer there. We were constantly looking forward to the day when he would show up. However, it didn’t happen, which is really disappointing for us.

The Turning Point

One fateful day, a woman whose life had been taken by the enemy was brought for prayers. I informed my spouse over the phone, and he remarked, “I’m not around, but you are. When in doubt, find someone who can pray for a long time, join him or her in prayer, and trust that God will reveal the next step.

Terror struck me as they brought in the dying woman, and I became helpless. Still, we took our praying more seriously. Every now and then, I’d peek to see if there was some slight manifestation taking place, but there never was. According to what our father, Apostle Arome Osayi, had taught us, we prayed until we were physically unable to pray any more, and then we rested.

A vision of six women with wraps over their chests appeared to me in the waves while I prayed. Another thing I witnessed was Jesus going up to those women and taking things from every one of them.

Jesus approached the ailing lady and laid the item he had gotten from the six females on her. The lady stood up and joined us in prayers. in fact, she was speaking in other tongues.  Hallelujah!!!

Dinna Celebrates Her Birth Today

Today being the 5th of March is a very remarkable day for the remnant family. indeed for the thousand of believers all over the world who find solace in God’s word through his servant] Apostle Arome and wife.

This is because today is the birthday of our mama Mrs Dinna Osayi. We want to say happy birthday ma. Thank you so much for supporting Apostle and for fulfilling God’s purpose with him. We ask that God will bless and spread the gospel to the ends of the earth through you.

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