You are a Detriment to Civilization if you do not make a positive contribution- Apostle Joshua Selman

You are detriment to civilization if you make no positive contribution

Apostle Joshua Selman blows hot on this very one. He posits that anyone who does not make meaningful contributions to the well being of his nation is a misfit on earth. If you do not make a positive contribution to the process of nation-building, you are considered to be a detriment to civilization.

Your significance in life will never cease to be a representation of the value and contribution you provide to the world. No one will praise you for doing nothing. Your worth and the contribution you provide are what determine your level of significance.

You are not an impediment to the progress of civilization unless you choose so. On the other hand, you are a contribution to the creation of the country. When everyone else is looking for you, it’s because there’s something you have that everyone else wants or needs very badly. Again, you’re the only one who has it. This explains why you are being looked for.

Those who are looking for you will discover you once you have value. However, your worth should be able to satisfy the same amount of appetite and thirst that other people have.

Be at the core of Civilization Through Competence

Men understand only the language of competence and value. Often times, believers complain of lack of money. I will tell you why it is so. It is so because you have refused to develop your skill set. Who wants to employ someone who with no skill and competence?  Those who have gained mastery of their craft will forever be identified than those who know nothing.

Value, resources does not come to you because you desire it. It comes because you are able to deliver your job perfectly. People will gladly prefer to pay more for an excellent job than lesser for an inferior job. This is the truth of the matter brethren.

There are some who are fluent in excellence, skill, and competence and they living their best lives. When you are excellent, skilled, and competent in your field, your work will speak for itself, the language of excellence, skill, and competence.

People will forgive you for many of your shortcomings if you become an indispensable factor to the lives of those around you. Moreover, they will chase the value you have to offer. Become so good in your craft that people do not care about your mistakes and weaknesses. This should be the goal of every believer.

I’m not saying you should start committing sin and cover it up with your competence. No! All i’m saying is that if you must make wealth, you must always present an excellent job.

Also,you must strive to pray for the favor of God because you know that it’s among the factors that accelerate man’s benefits. This is so that you may maintain your value. I pray for you today, God will grant you speed in your journey to excellence! Amen!

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