8 Reasons Why Men Might Be Avoiding You By Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Why Men might be avoiding you

Men might be avoiding you for some reasons. It is important that you find out why as a lady. In this article, you will be exposed to 8 Reasons why men might be avoiding you by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I have always been disturbed by the stories of women saying that they are not getting advances from the kind of men they want. So, here you go! This article will expose you to eight truths why most male folks might be avoiding you. Men may be running away from you if :

 You are too desperate.

I know that due to the gender disposition and difference, a lot of women are so much interested in love, home and children more than their male counterparts. However, no matter what, please do not project desperation. Desperation does not make you attractive.

You need to have a self love, and a lot of things going on in your life. Don’t leave your life always on a hunt for men. Chasing the opposite gender means only one thing and that is desperation. The male gender do not like that. Most women who are eschewing desperation are less likely to have a good marriage.

Moreover, you need to understand that as a woman, your strength is in attraction and not aggression. I know this desperation of yours might be due to so many reasons: time is running out, had countless number of breakups in the past. Whatever the case may be, do not show desperation please.

 You are too flashy.

Sometimes, a lot of men substitute this for unseriousness. Men generally want to be in a place where they can be heroes. When you are too flashy, men have the feeling that you have a lot of men in your plate so they run.

Men might be running away from you because you are too troublesome.

Some women are just trouble. One of a man’s deepest needs is peace. Don’t be a quarrelsome woman. Some people even brag about it. That’s not a good thing to drag about. Some ladies turn every small joke into an argument. They never back down. In fact, they argue till the very end. That’s really bad.


Men might be avoiding you because you are too broken.

Many women have gone through a lot quite alright. However, please deal with your past baggage before going into any relationship. Work on yourself before dating.

 Too materialistic.

Some ladies have been spoilt from home. They are used to getting everything and anything they want. If a man is doing so much financially for them, he is a good man. If he is not, he is a bad man. You can’t let money be the only reason why you choose a spouse. Trust me when I say that some guys who look very poor today can be very rich tomorrow and those who are very rich today might be poor tomorrow. So, look out for their character not their material possessions. Look for patterns. Most men need a helper not a leper.

 Too picky or choosy

He must have beards, he must have curly hairs etc. these things doesn’t make a good home. You might lose out on a good man if you are too choosy. Some women keep looking for a perfect man when they themselves are not even perfect.

 Too bossy and rude.

One of men’s major needs is respect. Bossy women exude men’s energy. Men don’t like men. Men don’t like this trait. They hate disrespect. Most studies have shown that men would rather be respected than loved. In my years of counseling, men value respect while women love love. When a man feels disrespected, the man withholds his love. When a woman feels unloved, they disrespect their men.


Men talk when there is information to pass across. Women talk because they fancy a man. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about. This is why a man can stay for a whole week without checking up on his love interest. However, for the woman, not talking to her love interest for a whole week can be very annoying and upsetting to her.

 if you are promiscuous

Watch out for your way of life. When you are loose, men can avoid you. Forget about this woke generation and be yourself. Do you! Do not have sex with any man who comes around you. Men hate that. They may be of the opinion that you might one day sleep with their friends.

Men may be avoiding you if they think you are too good for them

This one is really good. Some men may avoid you because you are more educated, traveled, etc. well, you should not be worried if this is your case. You don’t need to drop your standards for any man.  Maintain your achievements; keep on putting your acts together. Trust me when I say that the kind of men you will attract if you drop your standards is not want you need. Hang in there, yours is coming! You will definitely find a man who will see this as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.


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