Why Celebrity Marriages are Endangered By Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

why celebrity marriages are endangered bypastor kingsley okonkwo

Celebrity marriages are marriages involving one or two celebrities. These celebrities are found in different spheres of human endeavor. They include music, sports, movie, and so on. Someone might be wondering why I’m talking about celebrity marriage. Well, I have three reasons why I need to talk about it.

1. The level or number of divorce cases of married celebrities.

You can agree with me that the divorce rate is quite high. We’ve all been shocked by the news of divorce celebrity marriage from time to time. These might be people who look up to. It could be because of their music album, movie character etc that we look up to them. We celebrated with them when they got married and had a baby. Then, one morning they shock us with the news of divorce.

2. Another reason is that I counsel a lot of celebrities, their spouses and children.

As such I can tell that this is a problem that needs urgent attention.

3. Celebrities are influencers.

Whatever celebrities do will be copied by others. I mean that’s why billions of dollars or naira is paid on adverts so as to get these celebrities to endorse a particular product. This is because when they do, it will influence others to do same. So, yes, celebrities do influence people.

So, if you are celebrating reading this, you need to listen to me. If you are not, you can as well share this and ensure that it gets to every celebrity you know.  Truth be told, celebrities are more susceptible to divorce due to the fact their lives are already in the public eye.

However, my prayer for every celebrity reading this is that your marriage will work. You will have an amazing marriage. And your marriage will not be used for divorce statistics.

I also understand that there might be some exceptions but these are tips I have observed, studied and researched over the years.

Why Celebrity Marriages are endangered

One of the reasons why celebrity marriages are endangered is because celebrities are born for the stage.

Some celebrities are celebrities by chance, while a bulk of them are born for it. Either they can dance or sing. The challenge here is that the life on the stage is quite different from the normal life. The life on the stage is time consuming, attention draining and energy sapping.

What you will understand is that the celebrities live two lives. Celebrities live in glass houses. They are mindful of their actions. Moreover, they can’t go anywhere unnoticed. The average couple may be putting all their attention on their marriage but for the celebrity, it’s not so. He should have to maintain his or her public image.  Maintaining two lives can be energy draining. It’s quite difficult for a lot of people. That’s why their marriage is endangered.

The second reason why celebrities have a high rate of divorce is because they are usually surrounded by fans and sycophants.

You stay around people that hype you even when you do rubbish. Some of their fans are die-hard fans. Their celebrities cannot do any wrong in their eyes. The problem here is that, celebrities do not have anyone who can tell the unfiltered truth they need to hear. Most people just tell what you want to hear. They are surrounded by fans who hail them. Fans are not there to look out for you but to hail you. Some celebrities have become so used to the praises of their fans that they despise advice.

As a celebrity, you must surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. They may not be richer or more popular than you but can advice you when in error. Make friends with people who can look you in the eye and tell you that you are wrong without mincing words. You need someone that loves you and is not moved by your success. You need have access to a coach or a friend who will give you truthful advice when need be.

The third reason is that they have a tendency to perform.

I know a lot of people that won’t marry an actor or an entertainer. Their reason is quite simple: they do not know when they are acting. As a celebrity, you shouldn’t put on a show or fake it. They say fake it till you make it. This isn’t applicable to marriage. If you fake marriage, you will break it.

Celebrities think that they are special and they will always pass. Yeah, celebrities are special. We give them preferences every now and then. This tendency makes them to forfeit the rules. However, as a celebrity you should not take this into your home if you don’t want your marriage to break. If you are a celebrity, please get coaching either before or after marriage. go for good counseling from good counselors. Bear in mind that you being good in your career, doesn’t equate to having a successful marriage.

Another important reason is that they are used to show.

One of the problems celebrities have when it comes to marriage is that they go for spouses that will fit his or her image. You need to know that you are not just marrying someone for the show business. When you choose a spouse, you are choosing the persons dreams and aspirations, thought processes, fears, inner qualities and what have you. Marriage transcends the looks.

Another important reason is pride and ego.

When you are used to being liked by almost everyone, humility will become impossible with you. They find it hard to be kind, homely, and tolerant. The virtues of a true spouse are ignored. Virtues like kindness, contentment, politeness, tolerance etc should be imbibed by you.

Another reason for the increase in divorce rate in celebrity marriages is that the celebrity often neglects the normal things.

A celebrity sometimes looses the everyday stuff that makes a marriage work. Things like going on a date with your spouse play games with your family etc. until you die a very lonely death.

Close your eyes in prayer and ask God to help you now and always in your marriage. Receive Gods help in Jesus name. Amen!

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