Possible Hindrances To Progress In Life By Apostle Joshua Selman

Hindrances to Progress by Apostle Joshua Selman

Progress in life is God’s desire for every child of his. The Bible says that God Almighty wishes that we may proper and be in good health even as our soul prospers. Progress in life is quite possible. If you live your life without any form of advancement whatsoever, you will get tired of life. You might even get depressed and want to end it all.

If you are currently retrogressing in life, maybe you have tried everything possible but yet cant find a head way, then you might want to finish this article.

When you see me make so much improvements in my life, it’s not because I’m smart or because I can see through every barrier that stands in the way of men’s advancement; rather, it’s because I’ve come to understand that the Almighty is my steward.

Hindrances To Progress In Life

Some factors hinder our progress in life.  It is important that you tackle these issues otherwise your advancement will be delayed. some of theses hindrances to progress include the following:

  • Ignorance

The first cause of lack of progress in life is ignorance. Ignorance is one of the causes of people’s lack of development in life. Information is equivalent to light, therefore your ability to move or advance is only as great as your ability to see. What do you know in your field? are you the best in your chosen area of specialization? These are some questions you need to provide honest answers to.

  • Demonic Activities

The second reason people do not progress is because of demonic activities. Demon spirits can stymie your improvement and advancement in life. One needs to be prayerful in order to stop all assaults by the enemy. Truth is, satanic oppression is real but more real is our faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Lack Of Divine Guidance

The third and most crucial cause is the lack of Divine guidance, which is God’s leading and backup.
The most common cause of stagnation is your unwillingness to access God’s guidance. No matter what type of dream you have, no matter what kind of tremendous destiny you have, your failure to recognize and grasp God’s guidance per time, season, and moment may leave you stuck for a long time.

To accomplish your mission and divine destiny, you must be guided and led by God. This is because,  destiny cannot be realized without God’s guiding and direction.

Those who are referred to as great in the society today are men and women who’ve already perfected accessing God’s guidance. These set of people triumph from one level of outcome to the next.

How Do I Access God’s Direction For Progress In Life

The first step in accessing and enjoying God’s direction is to recognize that you are restricted and insufficient. Understanding all and acknowledging your incapacity attracts God’s assistance.

Secondly, go for knowledge. Improve yourself daily. You might not see the results of your efforts,  however that shouldn’t deter you from working towards your dreams daily.

Thirdly, establish quality relationships that can change your life for good.  Know how to interact, respect and converse with people around you especially those in authority. This will help you a great deal.

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