Wait For Your Season By Rev Funke Felix Adejumo

Wait For Your season by rev funke felix adejumo

Life is in seasons and men are in sizes.  You must be willing to wait for your season. Do not be in a hurry to eat your tomorrow now. Avoid flying when you should be crawling. Don’t you know that some people have lost their destiny helpers just by looking like they have made it when in actual since, they haven’t.

Avoid pushing yourself to a standard that you have not attained. Trust me when i say that it will wear you out. Living in a house that either one or two months of your salary can not fix is making your life a living hell.

Do you know what will happen? You will end up working very hard but depositing all into another person’s account. Be wise! Work hard and wait for your season.

Don’t be fooled by what you encounter on social networking sites because that isn’t how real life is; the significance of your life isn’t defined by the number of social media followers and likes you have there. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others since you don’t what exactly they do and how they do it.

What To Do While Waiting For Your Season

Psychologists have stated that you’re either 20% more or less prosperous than the seven dearest individuals in your life, disregarding your family. Therefore if you want to grow wealthier, you must venture out, and work hard.

You must understand that you will never be affluent by simply working for a wage. Be involved in other things. Have multiple streams of income.

Wait for your season, don’t eat your destiny today, and don’t soar while you should be crawling.
Human beings are prone to making mistakes, thus one blunder in your life must not deter you from going on with your life.

Making a mistake merely implies that you haven’t reached your destination yet but are still on the way. Thus what you are required to do whenever you commit an error is to pardon yourself for your previous errors and go on with your existence.

Moreover, waiting for your season requires hard work and patience. You need patience because this will keep you going when you feel like giving up. Also, you need to work hard and smart so as to maximize any opportunity around you.

We are all human and susceptible to making mistakes. There are things that we all wish we had done differently or said differently. As a result, your situation is not the worst.
The majority of you didn’t intend for your life or your relationship to go in the direction that it did, but it did. And you shouldn’t kill yourself over it.

More-so, choose something to accomplish that you can assign all of the responsibility to rather than dwelling on the mistakes you’ve done in the past.

I hope this word finds expression in your life and help you conquer your fears. Amen!

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