Some of you fathers; there are four kinds of fathers. Let us pause and let’s talk practical, practical in this family; let’s talk practical.
Can we ever forget that kind of experience? some of you, you are so busy so busy so busy and you don’t know that you have only three seasons in your children’s lives. First season you are in charge, second season they are in charge of their lives, third season they are in charge of their lives and your life.
      Four kinds of fathers: absentee fathers- they are never there; they are always in church. When israel sinned Moses went before the Lord… Father forgive them. When moses sinned no church member interceded for him. Church church church Church church; I’m a pastor’s wife so I know what I’m taking about and this is important for pastors. You are so busy you hardly touch your wife. My husband is writing a book titled “Every pastor is a polygamist”; is it not true? morning church your wife says I need a wig I need surcoat blue now; I need something something ah that project you know we have to do it oh and that woman has been suffering with you, suffering with you, suffering with you; church church church church church and some of these people that you are even dieing for they leave your church; some of them it was this altar that blessed them they go and share the testimony on another altar; people you have died, you are you are almost dead for. When you were driving to go and pray for them at the hospital for their son you almost had an accident; they said we would be with you daddy forever where are they today? and yet you don’t have time for your wife and your children and those children are going to leave you very soon; if they don’t leave you you will be the one praying that they should leave so now that you have them you better be there. Absentee fathers… business business business coke coke coke mtn mtn mtn; provide for your home oh be there for your children.
I remember when our kids were growing, my husband will leave Akure he will tell me just stay; he will put the kids in the car, go to ife drive to ife university of ife OAU he will make them sit on the grass and tell them his life history… all of you must attend university; polytechnic is good but it is university I want you to go; he will explain life to them. When our children were getting married my husband will have section with each of them male, female; this is how… this is what a man wants, this is what a woman wants oh; this is this and that… creating time for us so I told him I said if you sneeze in church I will be blessed because you live what you preach and you make us feel that church didn’t steal you from us. Our daughter was getting married, we were on our way to canada my husband and I and then we stopped in houston… I was at the hotel, I was in the room; he just called the room on inter call… Olori come down stairs I came down stairs he said our daughter is getting married but I want to prove to everybody and to you in particular that it’s not only the bride that is important the bride’s mother is also important; this is a car gift to the bride’s mother- range rover. Can I ever forget? if the man coughs in church I’m writing I’m writing; why will I not honour him? can’t you see the way mrs so so is?… do you do the same for your wife? absentee fathers time is going wake up.
       Abusive fathers- all they know is shout, slap, this that; don’t you, dor dor dor; you want to disgrace me? don’t you know God has called me to ministry you won’t come to church bla bla bla… calm down oh daddy this thing no be by force you have to explain because many parents are very very selfish it’s just about us. I don’t want the ministry to be disgraced I don’t want so so so… don’t you know my name? the name I’ve been building all these years. Children have feelings. Listen to your children; they are speaking…

your child says I don’t want to go to school don’t say you must go today; you go and look for eh! steering rod; maybe somebody is abusing that child in school. Listen to your children; a grand father impregnated the grand daughter recently the children went on vacation. Listen, if you still have kids don’t allow anybody to to take their bath for them, cleaning their private part; be there oh fathers be present in your children’s lives oh. It was my father that simplified my relationship with my heavenly father; he was my best friend and many african fathers… go to your mummy, go to your mummy that’s what you do, family summit. Men please wake up; the children bear your name. Have a relationship with your daughters. Psychologists have discovered that when you hug teenagers you help them to go through that phase easily. Don’t let ministry come between you and your children; don’t let your children hag the God that you represent. If your christianity does not work at home don’t bother to export it.
       We have permissive fathers.. it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t.. it’s fine, it’s fine; anything go to mummy; mummy will lead the prayer, mummy will do bible study, mummy will… permissive… like Eli, abusive like Saul who took a javelin and he was going to kill his own son. May God give us understanding.