Pastor Mildred Kingsley – Okonkwo

        So number four mistake that married men make – abusing their wives. Now I’m talking about abusing in the full sense of the word so not just insult. So I’m talking verbal abuse, I’m talking emotional abuse, I’m talking physical abuse and personally I draw the line with physical abuse because it’s the person that is alive that used to marry, do you understand?
Marriage is not really by force like that eh eh so all those things that you now the man will beat you if he stab you then you will now be writing letters from the grave; all those things is not really helping anybody if you die your children will suffer so I’m really not a fan of violence at all any type; he push you, he beat his hand on the wall all those kind of things I’m not I’m not giving you excuse to live your husband house oh, do you understand? because you too you did not really open your eye in the beginning to pick the right man but I’m just saying that I draw the line with violence; however every form of abuse is bad.

Married men I need to talk to you about this if you insult your wife shame on you if you keep malice with your wife shame on you if you are angry with your wife and she cooks and you don’t eat shame on you but if to say I know your house I go come there come chop the food shame on you; that you are angry you now decide that the only way to deal with it is like a two-year old or a three-year old by throwing tantrums shame on you (laughing). I no even wan quarrel with una today ( I don’t want to quarrel with you people today) but it’s okay shame on you and if you ever raise your finger against a woman shame, in fact shame is nothing; is there another word after shame… sha sha sha shame on you (laughing) because I can’t come up with anything. Shame shame shame; I’m, I’m almost tempted to do huuu! for you shame ei! I honestly can’t believe it that you would take someone’s child from her father’s house and you would beat her like she’s an infant like she’s your… infact slave I mean like she’s a dog then you will jack somebody’s daughter and hit her head on the wall…. because even the bible says that you are one. I’ve never seen a human being just stand and say oh I’m annoying myself I will slap myself but you will do that with… because you do not see your wife as your equal. The bible never said that women are less than men; the only time you hear… it doesn’t even say women are weaker the only time you will hear anything it says it is weaker vessel and weaker when it talks about weaker it’s not necessarily talking about ahm not being strong enough; it’s talking about being more fragile okay of final quality so for instance if you have a khaki outfit and you have a silk outfit the guy might be khaki but the lady is silk you know it’s it’s it’s just as strong… it’s not going to tear easily but it’s fragile; it can tear much quicker but the content is the same then if you even ask me I think women have stronger content because if na men dey get belle we no go don dey born; matter will be over but for you to think that it’s okay for you to raise your hand against a woman I honestly don’t want to start from but I’m going to try to help you today just a little bit. What you are doing is that you are dehumanizing her. She’s going to question her identity, she’s going to question her self esteem, she’s going to question her self worth and I know that a lot of men are manipulative and what they do is they try to beat you to submission so you begin to think that it’s okay maybe I did something wrong.

Married men there is no reason under heaven that is good enough for you to put your hand on a woman; if she’s annoying you my brother do what other men do walk out of that house, take your car keys and leave and then when you’ve calmed down come back home. Now let me balance it oh; I know that some women their head is not really all right.

They are the ones that even used to beat their husband but you as a man because I want to ask you a question if you say the woman push you you slap am she fall die are we really going to be having this conversation like this? is that really what’s going to be happening because you don’t know how fragile a woman is you don’t know whether her blood pressure is high you don’t know because women can just be moving about and walking as if nothing is happening. You don’t know how fragile she is.. you just, she push you, she push you to the wall with words you now push her to the wall with hand; word and hand is it the same? when she push you to the wall with words why didn’t you bounce back with words but I know a lot of men will say oh women’s mouth is sharp; I understand that but that’s not enough reason for you to beat her. If you are maltreating your wife, keeping malice, carrying your face mehn! not giving her attention, withholding sex from her shame on you. Too many men do these things and listen, the bible says that if you do not deal with your wife with understanding your prayers will be hindered; so a lot of times you are going outside going from pastor to prophet to imam saying your business is not working meanwhile the reason why your business is not working is inside your house; that thing you are looking for outside pray for me pray for… it’s your wife if you like make them… make the pastor pray finish your wife go just hold the prayer like this with her tears; prayer is not going no where it’s not rising to heaven it’s not going to hell no where it’s not going anywhere so treat your wife well stop abusing your wife withholding money from her you are suffering her she wants to she’s she’s so she’s so timid now; you have broken her spirit. A beautiful child of God that was given to you to nurture to take care of to love so many men abuse marriages; verbal abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse; men are raping their wives I don’t even know how you are… so my question to you before I move to the next point is please how do you really sleep at night; as in do you snore?.. as in you actually balance and sleep; stop it if you want to be blessed in your life you want to be prosperous you want to be happy treat your wife well; stop abusing your wives.