Not every wife the husband can say you are packing out of this house today because he knows if you pack the curtain is going, the rug is likely to go*

Rev Mrs Funke Felix-Adejumo


     Please live your life in such a way that your husband will thank God for you. Don’t be a liability, don’t be a burden, do something.
Even if you must work from home don’t be a full time; my emphasis is on full time and I said sometime ago if your husband says can you loan me 1,000,000 naira even if he says 10,000 or 10,000,000 don’t say you want to kill me? that is my point; rather you should say when do you need it? you know you don’t have it oh but we walk by faith now. Tell him when do you? the man will first stagger and say iwo, yes because I want to borrow it from my future but if you say ori mi ya you want to kill me? you have demeaned yourself as a woman; no man will respect you, that’s my emphasis. No matter the amount even if it means the man giving it to you and then you are taking out of it to give him as a loan you know it’s fine.
      Let me remind you that the latest research says the greatest cause of cancer in women is unhappiness. Please madam, don’t kill yourself oh. Your husband slept with somebody, is it because people are not telling you their own story? As a woman don’t be a liability be an asset. It is not every wife that the husband can slap forget about christianity. It is not every wife that the husband can say you are packing out of this house today because the man knows if you pack the curtain is going, the rug is likely to go so when the man raises his hand and he remembers who you are he says eh! oya calm down jare don’t let the devil. No man wants a liability; every man wants someone he can lean on.
Be a wife; be an encourager; be a lover but excuse me be financially strong it’s very important. You must be many things to your husband; you know you must be a lover. When last did you pillow your head on your husband’s chest while he was watching Arsenal and Barca? when last did you put a little fish in your mouth in the kitchen and then you just tiptoed and you go to your husband’s back and just tickled him and just put the fish in his mouth; some of you romance has grown wings and flown out of your marriages.
Awake, awake; very soon your nest will be empty. Sometimes I go to my children’s section and say when did they grow up? all of them are married God when did they grow up? they are gone; it’s just my husband and I now so we have decided to enjoy life. We just came back from a ship cruise no church member I will just say darling bring your chest I will just put my head like this. I enjoyed myself thoroughly; we’ve booked another one for December no counselling no telephone because if you kill yourself they will say we didn’t even know that Elisha is more anointed; human beings? it doesn’t take time for them to forget like papa Adeboye said it’s true God has made us to forget things if not we will be mad; you cannot remember all the names of your mates in primary school, university, secondary; it’s God’s plan so please madam don’t kill yourself; choose to be happy that’s my point choose to be happy. There will be situations that will want to make you feel bad; make up your mind that you will be happy. Laugh, play ludo, watch african magic it’s not only prayer. I pray I fast but that’s not the only thing; watch african magic, go on the internet eh please put baba wade there for me; laugh, pump blood into your brain so that you will not labour in vain. On your children’s wedding day nobody should represent you; cancer will not kill you. I’m inviting all of you to mothers’ summit November 4 first Saturday.
You all know we meet there- king’s college; thank you though you were there praise the Lord. Yes we pray for our children, labouring.

Where was cancer when Mrs Oshiomole was labouring with her husband? eh where was that stupid cancer? so women please take care of yourselves; go for your pap smear, do breast checkup, check up your system because God forbid if you die this man will remarry oh. It’s women that say I can never remarry; have you ever heard a man say I can never remarry even at 75 I can tell you still remarried. It’s not their fault; it’s the way they are made. A woman is relational; a man defines himself not by his relationship but by his job because when he was created it was job he met in the garden of eden; when the woman was created it was relationship she met it’s the way we are made so you have to understand don’t kill yourself choose to be happy and enjoy life; enjoy your life you have laboured you earned your salary take care of yourself wear what you like drive what you like trust God to bless you sow seeds and trust the Lord to bless you and if you can afford it go on vacation travel abroad go to Ghana if you can’t go to America ah ah how much is ehm! something go somewhere go abroad; abroad is abroad at least you entered plane now.
     Please don’t kill yourself oh wake up in that area and choose to be happy. If there is any relationship where you are belittled walk out; if it is a marriage relationship and your life is being threatened talk to the authorities over you.
I don’t believe in divorce except there are some cases that the church will know that no we have tried; I don’t preach it, I stand against it but when life is being threatened I think you should separate. TD Jakes says I tithe to God and I tithe to myself; some of you need to spend some money on yourself; just walk to the mall and buy something for you not for husband and wife now; buy a card for yourself. Sometimes I put my hand on my hair I say ole Funke you are trying ah ah are you not a woman? o ka re ji omo`, you try. When last did you have a massage? some of you, tension that’s what you are carrying about and it breeds and broods cancer because your blood is not circulating. It’s not ehm! a pleasure oh if you work hard. Once I’m done now I’m going for oneā€¦ you cannot afford to just live your life anyhow; you need to wake up in that area too and be a great wife; be a blessing to your husband; believe in him, encourage him. The bible makes us to understand when we talk about submission please hear this the way we interpret submission is from the african demonic perspective not the bible. What is submission? it is strength put under control that’s submission. You should not be a doormat, that’s subjugation. Some of you say well, eh! ah! I’m submitting to my husband oh and you are very poor you are not doing anything. The man just sleeps with you and then, come here, why did you drive the car that way? you are not submitting oh you are obeying.
There’s a difference between the two; submission is you are important, you are heavy, you are anointed, you have some things in your life and you can still honour your husband. There’s no human being on earth that I will give honour to until I have given it to my husband; so when you submit to the man, when you kneel down to the man he knows that this is a heavyweight champion submitting to me; there’s one man in our church ah that man he’s poor oh but he’s very humble what else will a poor person be? what else?