If you doubt me ask Achan; he stole money, did he live to enjoy the money? he was stoned to death and everybody in his house.
I heard a story of a young man, very very fast mehn; he was on the fast lane, somebody I knew. Those kind of guys mehn; he graduated and then went very very fast; before you knew it he was in lagos, before you knew he was between warri and lagos, before you knew it he was a millionaire; he had cars like water; yo mehn, yo mehn, yo mehn and we heard that one day somewhere in Lagos some people came and said, so how far can you go? he did a deal with people and dealt with them; deal that deal with people and he dealt with them very very well… ok, so you’ve been running, so you’re? who did you deal with like that? kpa kpa kpa; he was gone, wasted and then through the midst of them went their way; fast lane to fast death.
      Beloved, not all that glitters is gold; you will fulfill your days; and finally, evil money is the doorway to eternity in hell; evil money the doorway to eternity in hell. The question is, what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul? and the truth is, you can be a billionaire legitimately, legally; we are not hearing of fraudulent practices of the top billionaires in the world; most of them are not government workers, they are not in places where they need to steal money to succeed; well, we may not tell how many of them are in one cult or the other but you can be a billionaire with legitimate money  and that is where God wants to take you. I prophecy upon you, you will not be a victim of evil money.

Altar call:
Praise the Lord, I believe you have been impacted by that short clip you just watched and you perceived a need to hand over your life to Jesus. Pray this prayer therefore with me and say “Lord Jesus, I am a sinner in need of help, come into my life, make me a new person, today I have decided to follow you and no turning back, thank you Lord in Jesus name, amen”.