Apostle Michael Orokpo

He said your training is over another hunger came again. I separated myself fasting and praying for 21 days and a voice came to me He said call Deyayan I called him and he told me about Apostle Arome. He said have you heard him? I said who is Apostle Arome? I’m listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome you are telling me about Apostle Arome, who is he? he said he’s in Makurdi I said nothing is happening in Makurdi he said go by the library.
I stood up on Friday I said ah! it’s late maybe on Saturday. On Saturday I stood up it was 6 and on Sunday I got up it was 5:30 I said I will go there I couldn’t rest and when I entered, it was in March 2014 and Apostle was only giving a charge – THE WAY OF THE FATHER and when I stood at the door He said this is your father, this is your home. What are you calling? it’s called the power of ordination.

It was Apostle that told me he said you are not a pastor. He said if they make you a pastor they will choke what God has put in you. He said you are a striker, God has called you to go to the nations of the world and he will have a meeting and he will say Mike go and represent me.
How will I represent Apostle Arome Osayi? he was teaching me how to stir the fire of my ordination. They will invite him in JCCF convention he will say go and represent me. Sir, when I heard Apostle Arome Osayi it was as if a god was talking; I couldn’t write anything. I marvelled who is this man? where does he come from? and then that man in less than two years telling me to represent him because God sends you to men that will build you in the days when the powers of your ordination begin to speak.

Most of the meetings you go for, you don’t go for them because of the publicity your steps were being ordered. Saul got up he was looking for his father’s missing asses; he didn’t know that a protocol of ordination had been set in motion. He went past twelve nations and when he came to Samuel, Samuel said is it not because the Lord has anointed you king over his people? the guy thought he was looking for asses but ordinations were manipulating him.
Every time hunger comes ordinations are manipulating you; every time there is restlessness until you attend the meeting ordinations are manipulating you; until you come to that point where you can hear the voice of God. For Moses it took him forty years wandering in the wilderness until the bible said in Exodus 3:1, it said he came to the backsides of the desert; there are no green pastures in the backsides of a desert. what carried him there? it was the power of ordination and when he reached there, it said he came to Horeb the mountain of God and that was the day the scribe that wrote about the life of Moses began to write in heaven.

The whole story of Moses before forty they don’t exceed one chapter because that was not part of what God spoke in heaven. His life began to speak when the embers of ordination was written on earth and he saw a burning bush that was burning and was not consumed and suddenly God told the same man that ran away from Pharoah, he said go down to Egypt… I have heard the cry and the afflictions of my people if you heard them why did you come today… ordinations ordinations; they are the precursors of true alignment. The day the powers of your ordination begins to speak you are ready to walk with God.

Men who walk with God are not just disciplined, there is something at work on their inside. Can you bow your head and pray? alignment is the heaviest molecule of life. Men have no understanding so they live for their appetite. Woe unto me says Paul if I preach not the gospel; he said necessity is laid upon me, woe unto me if I preach not the gospel. That’s a man that have seen the fifth stars of heaven. Moses did not leave Egypt just because he… the bible said he saw him that was invisible. Ordinations were revealed, ordinations were revealed (speaking in tongues).

Pray for an activation, hunger, love for God and the power of your ordination. Pray in the Holy ghost… it’s a prayer festival….