Listen, the bible is filled with limitless possibilities that were demonstrated by the saints and the kingdom life itself is a compendium of infinite possibilities. Please follow me… that our walk of faith is only limited by the ability of the one who is called Abba – the source, the sustainer, the defender… are we together now? that the kingdom life please understand this the kingdom life is a compendium of infinite possibilities, however, that those possibilities are guided and coordinated by an exact body of knowledge.

There is an exact body of knowledge that is responsible for the various outcomes that we desire and this conference seeks to bring us to a point of quintessence where we stop shadowboxing. We do not just randomly apply spiritual principles in hope that one of them will work; the bible says he that strives for mastery is not crowned except he strives lawfully. So it’s a conference that brings us to come up hither, that we will see better, that you know exactly what is responsible for increase, you know what is exactly responsible for restoration. Listen, every dimension you require is in christ; every dimension your destiny needs is available but do you have the requisite level of spiritual understanding that is tied to that result?

You know pastor, most believers what happens in the body of Christ I do not think the body of Christ is in ignorance, no. I do not agree.
God has helped us in this age and in this time but the challenge is that there is no sequential arrangement of spiritual truth so we do not really know what truth is responsible for what spiritual outcome. We engage truth randomly; the blood of Jesus, the fire of the Holy ghost, prophecy, offering, seed, sacrifice and the danger is that one of them will work but because there is no exactitude to our spiritual understanding we can no longer reproduce the results… is God speaking to us? so we must come to a point where we are not just excited about spiritual knowledge we are excited about exact spiritual knowledge. I should be able to know that when I’m learning a revelation I must see its applicability in my spiritual life.

Not every spiritual knowledge is important as far as the victory and the dominion of the saints are concerned. Just because it is spiritual does not mean it is useful… so Jesus says I have many things to tell you, it says but ye cannot bear them, it says howbeit when He the spirit of truth is come, it says He will guide you. Just because it is truth does not mean it will bless you. You must be guided… divination uses truth, witchcraft uses truth, so you must be guided. There is an exact body of knowledge… you see, it is frustrating to know what can be and yet your life never captures that experience.

I know God can restore but why will it not happen in my life? I know God can give speed, I cannot doubt it… the bible is an attestation of that possibility; people recovered lost things… an archive of these exploits was captured in Hebrews 11, it says, time will fail me to talk of Gideon, Jephthah, Barak… men who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, shut the mouth of lions are we together now? yes, so that we know what is responsible for what outcome… my God! that after service someone can know that in the next one month I will take the ten years I’ve lost and put it in that one month by a spiritual understanding; yes time can be restored in God’s economy. It says I will restore the years not just the things; if all you lose is things you did not lose but when you lose time you really lost so when God begins to restore He is focused because real dominion is dominion over time; whatever steals your time stole your destiny… is God blessing us already?