Bishop David Abioye

So refuse to accept any negative circumstance as permanent. I want to repeat that again, refuse to accept any negative circumstance as permanent; refuse to accept. They call you poor, refuse! they call you jobless, refuse! they call you a man of nonentity, refuse! they call you riffraff, refuse it.
Don’t let your head accept anything they say concerning you, they call you a man who does not know how to do anything refuse it. Say a loud amen.

If you see that you and your wife are fighting everyday, observe somebody else who is holding his wife everyday and they are smiling… observe them… open your eyes korokoro; how the man addresses the wife, how the wife addresses him, how that they smile together and start doing the same thing to your wife, how that the man gives cheque at the end of each month to the wife. When last did you give a cheque to your wife? and I say my wife doesn’t obey me; I’ve done everything I knew to do to her.

You have not done everything, find out what else to do. When your children are going wayward, find out how the children of other parents are following them and do the same thing to your children and you see settlement in your family, simple.
Wise people are learners; they don’t talk about what they have done, they ask what else they could do… what else can I do? if you claim to be hated by your employer, before you conclude find out how other employees are doing to the employer.

You know how many times you take sick leave, casual leave and your oga is telling you you can go. You ask for three days they give you four days… you know the meaning of that? that means we don’t need you again and here is your colleague always at work; when they call him, yes sir. He will always ask the boss, what work more can I do? not you complaining, “they want to kill me, me I no wan die oh, no be my papa business, they wan kill me, I must go on leave, this leave I must go, I must go on this leave… they say okay go on leave; while you are going on leave your colleague is taking your place.

Many people are dying not for persecution, but for foolishness. You go to office what you are doing everyday is reading your bible. When they say don’t read your bible in the office you say, can you see? they are persecuting me. As spiritual as our office here is, you can’t be reading bible there because we didn’t employ you to come and read bible, amen.
You have your job description; deliver and get ready for promotion. No delivery they show you the way out…